L4MS will leverage from 3 AEs (Application Experiments), which will inspire other Manufacturing SMEs & mid-caps by showcasing the improvements and savings that can be reached in their processes by participating in L4MS. The three Uses Cases will be defined at the beginning of the project and implemented at the beginning of the second year, once OPIL and the Marketplace are readyIt would allow testing the tools and the ‘smartization’ methodology defined to support the AEs implementation.

The three pilot application that began with the experiments in 2018 are:

  • MURAPLAST: Leading and modern producer of Polyethylene blown film in Croatia and Southeastern Europe. Muraplast need to optimize the process of taking the products (rolls of PE film) from the production lines, weighting them, and transport to ready to warehouse area while sending the information to the local ERP. This optimization would boost production productivity, reduce human error factor in weighting and reduce the manual labor needed to manipulate the products. Read more here
  • CHEMI-PHARM: Manufacturer of high-quality disinfectants and cleaning agents, targeted mainly at the medical sector.  Chemi-Pharm is in the processes of developing its in-house IT system that would link together all different departments, functions and processes. This will in many ways create the basis for future automation, in regards to knowledge, information and data management. It also helps to reduce the amount of time spent on making entries into IT systems, it will reduce the amount of human errors and make planning and use of resources more efficient. Read more here
  • Engino: Engino® Toy System helps pupils build technological models creatively and easily so that they can experiment and learn about science and technology in a Playful way. As Engino is growing rapidly, they have a lot of waste in human labour for the transfer of materials from one production area to another. Even at the current state of the company they could save 1 full time person by automating some of the process. Read more here
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