Marketplace: One-stop-shop for logistics in manufacturing 

The L4MS Marketplace will be the “go to platform” for all potential L4MS stakeholders; Small & medium-sized manufacturers, automation or robotics providers, system integrators, investors, training providers and business developers. Its main objective is to reduce informational and technological gaps as a B2B (business to business) platform, focusing on the needs of the European Industry.

L4MS offers access to a pan‐European network to make business more sustainable by offering DIH's a channel tor explore new business models based on competencies in a pan‐European context. It offers a model for accelerating the "Smartization" process and the "entrepreneurial discovery" process within your region.

This ‘one-stop-shop’ for logistic automation will gather all the ‘Catalogue of Services’ offered by the Competence Centres, Business Accelerators and the rest of the partners. 


Concept of L4MS marketplace

Marketplaces will offer: 

  • Effective centralized management of users and suppliers.This will take place with a centralized registration and authentication process, through a specially designed and implemented web-service, that will ensure secure and efficient data communication. Suppliers will highly benefit from this service, as they will be able to create and maintain their profiles and capability offerings.
  • The Investment Diagnostic, a self-questionnaire service which will allow to the applicants of experiments to know up-front the investment needed to implement the in-floor logistics automation.
  • The Funding Readiness Services, a self-wizard service to guide experiments applicants in identifying the public funding sources available at EU level to implement their technical projects.
  • The Skills Observatory, an on-line observatory which will collect the training needs and, based on it, a methodology and training programme will be defined adapted to workers needs using, when available, existing training material (repository of training courses).
  • A Brokerage or Matchmaking tool to facilitate brokerage between users and suppliers. Users will be able to create lists of suppliers, for future reference, and retrieve these lists any time. An advanced search mechanism, based on multiple search criteria, will be added in this service. The search criteria consist of tree-structured data, lists of values and simple text fields with a “like” functionality. For each organisation that satisfies the specified criteria, the user can access its published profile.
  • Direct access to the Open Calls management system to apply to the ‘Cascade Funds’ offered by L4MS.
  • Spaces, a real-time communication tool, which provides the features for organising and managing private or public real-time communications, in whatever page/section of the Marketplace, at private or public level.

For more information:

Ali Muhammad, L4MS Project Coordinator

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